Artist Statement:

This soap started out as more than "just soap." It also started out as more than what will no doubt become a gag gift in the mind's of most people. I'm not so pretentious that I mind. On the contrary, I am content with whatever people want to think about it. Their responses interest me greatly.
The purpose of this, as an artistic project, was originally to create a dialogue between object and material. A rather vague and amorphous proposition to tackle with a million possibilities available. For example, one could create a set of weights out of feathers which would bring a direct contrast between an object that we think of as heavy being created from an object we think of as light.
That discussion didn't interest me in the slightest. Instead, I considered the fact that soap was clean. But what was dirty? Simple. Penises. Now, I don't mean this in the literal sense, as I imagine that most penises are cared for by their owners and are frequently groomed. Penises are instead dirty in a taboo sort of way.
If you don't believe me, just go out into public and say "Penis." That is, if you can bring yourself to say it when there are other people around who are strangers. And also if you can handle the shocked and often angry looks, with a chance of not so friendly comments, being directed at you. Or you could say "Elbow." Most people will think you're a bit strange upon this utterance, but the word elbow has no additional connotation, except maybe for those who frequent pasta circles.
So yes, we are viewing penises in a sexual nature. The soap stands erect, which is a state of sexual power. A flaccid penis is simply a penis, and for most who view a male nude who is not "standing at attention" we simply think of the image being "natural" and natural isn't dirty.
As you no doubt may be considering, there were more choices to make than whether or not the penis should be erect. For instance, since the dirty factor is directly related to the sexual arena and the taboos of a factual process (intercourse) that we in America are so obsessed with, it had to be decided which gender would be displayed. In the end the choice to go with the male had to do with stereotypes in art. For years upon years, the nude female has been a staple in art. The repeat exposure has desensitized her sexual power, and objectified her. We don't react the same to the revelation of naked women as we do to naked men.
By making the Penis out of Soap (the clean and wholesome product that it is) I was endeavoring to create a context in which the penis could be looked at for what it is. Just a penis. Penises are just penises, and soap is just soap. The taboo is only there because we put it there. Additionally, we could go into this further with the idea that if the soap was used the image would be eroded, simultaneously the taboo stereotype of the penis would follow suit. Use, therefore exposure, destroys taboos as we are desensitized and become increasingly comfortable.
When this was originally started, six penises were created of white non-scented soap. These original six penises have come to be known as the Penise Prototypes and were the general guide for how to proceed with the next phase. The Penis Prototypes were created on Valentine's day using a plaster mold that was held together by a pair of severed bra straps. Needless to say, the entire method was substandard, but the product was recognizably a penis. The aim was to show that this was not a spectacle, but a product that was to be used. You could use one, and there would be one to replace it. (This is not supposed to be a hidden suggestion to be promiscuous, remember kiddies, safe sex is smart sex.) The intent was that you wouldn't feel like the soap needed to be put on a pedestal and not touched or used.
Since that first attempt (also known as Phase One of the project), the methods and procedures have been improved upon, and the highest quality of materials for mold making have been employed to create the product you see before you. The new and improved bar of soap.
Saying the penis soap was to be used sounded good in theory... but making it available for use solidified theory into fact and launched this site.
If you purchase this product, you're getting more than just a joke. You will be buying an actual piece of artwork. Even if you choose to never use this, and subvert my original intent by making it a conversation piece, I rest easy with the knowledge that you will at least be a well informed art collector.

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