Frequently Asked Questions... otherwise known as questions you were too afraid to ask but wanted to know the answers for anyway!

Q. Can this be used internally?
A. NO! THIS IS SOAP, not a dildo! Soap is not to be used internally. There is no reason to insert the soap into any orifice. The vagina naturally cleans itself and it has been reported that using soap inside of the vagina can cause infections. Additionally in reference to all orifices, soap can be an irritant and cause inflammation, throw off natural pH balances (which can cause infections), and let's face it soap tastes bad. Please, don't go out of your way to try and make the soap dirty... it's a clean product so keep it that way.

Q. Is this really soap?
A. Sure is! Not only is it really soap, but it really works! That is if you can get people to use it. You may be surprised at how much interest a soap penis generates, but how few people are willing to use it at first.

Q. Can I use this to wash out a "potty mouth?"
A. While this was topically covered previously, allow me to reiterate. No!!! Soap should not be taken internally. Soap tastes bad. As this soap is shaped like a penis, it could cause not only psychological damage but could be defined as sexual abuse.

Q. What kinds of varieties do the soaps come in? (Scents/Colors)?
A. Currently, all soaps are unscented and come in a variety of colors. When the line is expanded more information will be added.

Q. Why did you make this?
A. The condensed version is that the soaps began as an art project. This art project followed a natural progression that lead to the creation of this site. To learn more about the history of the product, feel free to read the -Artist Statement-.

Q. Will you be making a female version?
A. There is a possibility that the line will expand to include a female version of the soap.

Q. Why do you ask for a zip code (on the product page in the purchase request section)?
A. Currently, I do not have a shopping cart feature set up (I hope to get this enabled soon) and in order to calculate shipping I need to know where you are roughly. I don't ask for more information than name and zip code because I respect your right to privacy if you choose to cancel your order. Naturally, to complete the transaction I will need your shipping address.

Q. What forms of payment do you currently accept?
A. Money orders or personal checks (after they clear) are currently accepted. When a shopping cart feature is enabled these options should expand to include credit cards.

Q. How is the soap packaged?
A. The soap will come wrapped in tissue with packing peanuts around to buffer it against the dangers of shipping.

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